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2014 Fall Evening Program
The Pink and Blue in Gray Matter: Hormones, Gender, and the Developing Mind
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2014 Celebrating Science Benefit
Speech and the Social Brain: Insights into How Children Learn and Continue to Thrive Throughout Adulthood
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2014 Science Saturday
General event information
Ants and their Pets (ages 6-11)
Cooperation and Conflict in Ants (Ages 12-18)

2014 Spring Evening Program
The Challenges of Adolescence: Balancing Risk, Novelty and Self-Control
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2014 Winter Evening Program
Sun Exposure, Genetics and Melanoma: A Worldwide Health Challenge
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2013 Fall Evening Program
Science 101 For Parents An Ounce of Prevention: Vaccines and Your Child’s Immune System

2013 Fall Celebrating Science Benefit
Your Child’s Medical Future in the 10X Genetic Revolution
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2013 Spring Evening Program
Welcome to Your Child's Brain: How the Mind Grows From Conception to College
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Inaugural Celebrating Science Benefit
Darwin, Diet, Disease and Dollars: How the Sugar in Processed Foods Has Changed Society
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2012 Fall Evening Program
Illuminating Resilience: How Stress and Trauma Can Transform Us

2012 Spring Evening Program
Intelligence and How to Get It:Why Schools and Cultures Count

2012 Winter Evening Program
Science 101 for Parents
The Biology of Sensory Perception: How Children Discover the World


2011 Fall Evening Program
The Dynamic Childhood Brain: Preparing for a Lifetime
[Event Photos]

2011 Spring Evening Program
Science 101 for Parents: How Epigenetics is Revolutionizing the Understanding of Heredity
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2011 Winter Evening Program
The First Big Love: Exploring the Neurobiology of Parent-Child Bonding
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2010 Fall Evening Program
Body Image, Nutrition, and Eating Disorders: Insights from Neuroscience and Psychiatry
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2010 Spring Evening Program
A Parent's Guide to Boys and Girls: How Hormones Shape the Brain and Influence Behavior [Event Photos]

2010 Winter Evening Program
The Biology of Substance Abuse: What Parents of Teens Need to Know
[Event Photos]

2009 Fall Evening Program
Germs, Genes, and Immunity:
Addressing Swine Flu and Other Infections in Children

[Event Photos]

2009 Spring Evening Program
Science 101 for Parents: Or 20 Years of the Genetic Revolution in One Hour
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2009 Winter Evening Program
Intelligence: It's Not Just IQ
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2008 Fall Breakfast Program
The Autism Enigma
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2008 Spring Evening Program
It's Not Just Talk: How Children Learn and Acquire Language*
*please note: due to technical issues, footage from this program was lost and has been replaced by video from a similar talk Dr. Kuhl gave at Rockefeller in 2002. 
[Event Photos]

2007 Fall Evening Program
Children Under Stress: Vulnerability and Resiliency in the Developing Brain
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Our event season has concluded for the 2014-15 academic year, but information about our fall programming will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we welcome you to visit our events page to read about past events, enjoy our photo galleries, and watch videos of our previous lectures.


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